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23 Aug 2023

High work rate of Wiedenmann Terra Spike key for contractor Sports Turf N E

High work rate of Wiedenmann Terra Spike key for contractor Sports Turf N E
STNE Director, Alastair Briggs, says deep aeration is vital for any quality sports surface and one of the first things they recommend when asked how best to keep a pitch playable for longer during the season.


“Whatever the code, be it rugby, football, cricket and whether it’s a professional or amateur club, or a school or local authority project, every pitch benefits from reducing compaction and letting air and nutrients through its profile.

“If a pitch is spiked regularly, rootzone health improves and ultimately less surface water gathers.

“We like the GXI8 HD because it is so smooth and powers through lots of work effortlessly. It has dual-belt drive with a balanced crankshaft, a sprung-loaded headstock – the VibraStop – and PowerPacks as part of the anti-shock anti-vibration system, all built into the machine. All this protects the tractor and, crucially, the operator, important if a team member is in the cab for a large part of every day.

“During Autumn, once the playing season is underway, we spend a lot of time on aeration for clients.  Typically, on a rugby or football pitch, we can be looking to punch holes down to 250 mm with 18 mm tines. Speed and a top-quality finish are important. We push hard to get pitches aerated for the run up to Christmas, ahead of periods of increased rainfall.

“By doing regular aeration, clients enjoy better-quality playing surfaces. Some clubs can now see the benefits commercially, too; fewer alterations to their fixtures calendar means gate receipts and takings at the bar are less impacted.

“Essentially, the primary goal of STNE is to get grass roots pitches to a higher level. As a relatively new business ourselves, we are enjoying building these relationships and showing that maintaining healthy turf goes together with the more widely acknowledged aspects of club life.”