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26 Oct 2022

Human Nature: At its Best

Human Nature: At its Best
Human Nature: At its Best

When Ground Control began back in 1973 it was a different time and we were, in many ways, a different company. Then in 2004, four Ground Control directors decided to re-mortgage their homes and buy the company – and a new age in Ground Control’s story was born. From this point on, Ground Control diversified the services we offered, and the sectors we worked for. Over the years, we went from providing grounds maintenance to several Tesco stores to caring for hundreds of Tesco stores – alongside a host of other large clients - across the UK.

Today, the values remain the same although we now offer our services to over 50,000 commercial properties across the UK. We have a national community and wide-reaching impact. We are a carbon neutral company, building the future of grounds maintenance. And we have recently been made a Certified B Corporation®. This certification builds on Ground Control’s long-term commitment of doing well by doing good and underscores our dedication to doing right by our people as well as the environment.

As we head into this next chapter, we are excited to launch a new campaign for the future: Human Nature: At Its Best. The launch of Human Nature: At Its Best marks the next step in the evolution of our company, articulating our belief in the potential of human nature and highlighting our commitment to sustainability.

As part of the new campaign, we will be embarking on some exciting new developments, from a refreshed website that showcases our biodiversity expertise to external events and speaking opportunities, including a senior leadership roadshow with Ground Control’s field teams around the UK. The roadshow will be a chance for everyone involved in the business to ask questions and find out more about what Human Nature: At Its Best means for them.

Now is the right time to launch this exciting new campaign. Everyone working at Ground Control knows that we are committed to applying our values to our work every day. And we believe that Human Nature: At Its Best captures the way we need to act as a company to bring our future vision to life.

Human Nature: At Its Best is about being good stewards of our planet. It emphasises long-term thinking and encourages us to extend the timeline for the impact we have. It is about taking responsibility for the vitality of our places and nurturing spaces that bring people, places and the planet together. It is about the sense of responsibility that we have for our collective success and to each other as teammates. It's about taking care of our company and each other.

We have big ambitions for Ground Control, and each one of us will have an important part to play in making them a reality. As a campaign that will sit at the heart of Ground Control, Human Nature: At Its Best will strengthen our ability to achieve our ambitions to grow the business, improve biodiversity in the UK and reach net zero. Human Nature: At Its Best embodies the vision and values that we live through our work every day. We are looking forward to bringing to life this next chapter for our company, ambitious about what we can achieve and excited for what the future holds.