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04 Oct 2022

Love Aspen Fuel or get your money back with new offer at SALTEX – stand M055

Love Aspen Fuel or get your money back with new offer at SALTEX – stand M055

Aspen, the original alkylate petrol pioneers, are returning to SALTEX this November with their range of alkylate fuels for two and four-stroke engines and an initiative not to be missed. Visitors to stand M055 can learn how Aspen enhances engine performance and reduces the negative impact on both the operator and environment with a chance to then trial it for themselves - and get their money back if they change their minds! Founded in 1988, Aspen has long been improving the operating environment for landscapers, arborists and groundcare professionals. Alkylate petrol is formed from the gasses which are produced when refining oil. The alkylation process involves tuning those excess gases into a liquid alkylate, before combining them with some additional components to create a finished fuel which is significantly purer than traditional petrol. Content of harmful and hazardous hydrocarbons and polyaromatics (PAH) is close to zero with Aspen, reducing Benzene emissions by up to 108 times! The cleaner burn achieved with Aspen also helps to maintain engine performance, reliability and preserve the life of engine components that can be susceptible to clogging or failure when running on conventional pump fuel; especially if equipment has been left in storage for any significant period of time. Those wishing to experience the Aspen difference for themselves can now try the fuel, risk-free, with a new money back guarantee launching at SALTEX 2022. Subject to a bulk purchase, operators can use Aspen in their own working environments with the confidence that, if they don’t notice the significant improvements to sustainable working practices, they can return the unused fuel. “People may think that all petrol is the same, but when people give Aspen a go, they quickly see the benefits it can bring to all aspects of the task at hand” comments Business Development Manager Axel Hildebrand. “The reduction in toxic fumes and the elimination of the ‘blue haze’ is particularly beneficial for those operators using hand tools or working in confined spaces, and we’re confident that as soon as operators give Aspen a try, they won’t look back.”