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SGL expands its sustainable grow lighting product line with the LED120

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SGL expands its sustainable grow lighting product line with the LED120
SGL LED grow lighting units utilize the most effective and energy efficient light spectrum
After last year’s introduction of the LED50, SGL now adds another energy efficient LED lighting unit to its existing product line. The development of the LED120 aligns with the company’s goal to provide clubs with the right tools to maintain a high-quality playing surface in the most sustainable way possible.

During the Masterclass in March 2023 (SGL's yearly customer only event), attendees got a sneak preview of the LED120 prototype and were asked to give feedback on the grow lighting unit. With the help of their input, the LED120 is now ready for purchase and available for delivery from September 2023.  Arsenal FC, Hampden Park and the San Francisco 49’ers are among the first customers to adopt the LED120.

High-quality, sustainable grass growth

The LED120 covers a 120 square meter surface and can be used by grounds managers on high-wear areas of the pitch such as the penalty box and the areas parallel to the sidelines and backline. With its size, the LED120 falls between the LED440 and LED50 grow lighting units, thus offering clubs more options to transition towards sustainable pitch management.

The LED120 is equipped with built-in sensors that measure grass temperature to determine if, and to what extent, infrared is needed to create the optimal conditions for grass growth. The integrated Smart Control System ensures that the precise amount of infrared is added, reducing energy waste and thus optimising the unit’s energy efficiency. This enables the grounds manager to quickly recover the grass and maintain a high quality playing surface all year long, despite short turnaround time.

The grounds manager in control with optimised LED technology

Years of research have contributed to the development of SGL’s LED technology, offering the widest light spread available. This reduces the number of fixtures required and makes the unit lightweight and easy to operate. By unfolding one arm, the arm on the opposite end of the unit unfolds simultaneously. This keeps the LED120 stable and balanced throughout the unfolding process, easier to install on the pitch, and therefore more user friendly for the grounds manager.

With the LED120, the grounds managers have full control over light and heat radiation. This allows them to align light and heat radiation with the grass’s needs, to create the perfect growth conditions no matter the climate.

Additionally, the LED120 utilizes a light spectrum with the most effective and energy efficient red-to-blue light ratio for optimal grass growth, just like all of SGL’s LED grow lighting units. This spectrum has been extensively tested at their inhouse Research & Innovation Centre. Research has shown that a spectrum composed of 95% red light and 5% blue light has the best effect on root and shoot growth – two important indicators of high-quality grass growth – and requires approximately 20% less energy to produce. These results are supported by customer data from highly regarded clubs such as Villarreal CF, Bayern Munich and AAMI Park.

Next step towards a more sustainable pitch management industry

The high energy prices and increasingly busy event schedules have compelled grounds managers to seek solutions that meet desired grass quality standards while saving on energy and electricity costs. The introduction of the LED120 addresses the industry’s strong demand for sustainable grass grow lighting.

SGL specializes in energy efficient LED grow lighting solutions for clubs at various playing levels. By expanding the LED range, the company provides clubs with the necessary tools to maintain a high-quality playing surface throughout the year while transitioning to a more sustainable pitch management industry.