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SMG now using Augmented Reality (AR) and CLDXR® CLDXR®

SMG now using Augmented Reality (AR) and CLDXR® CLDXR®
SMG Sportplatzmaschinenbau GmbH from Vöhringen (Bavaria), world market leader in machines for synthetic sports floors, uses the SaaS solution CLDXR® for effective sales support.

SMG now using Augmented Reality (AR) and CLDXR® -
Digital Selling and Explaining in 3D and AR

Through the CLDXR® solution, SMG has access to important information anytime and anywhere.

Based on our design data, the CLDXR® team produces lifelike digital twins and also relieves our design department by taking over this as a service. Additional content, such as operating instructions, can also be accessed on the go with just one click. Thus, sales talks or maintenance processes can be designed more effectively using animations.

2 Questions with...
Tobias Owegeser, CEO / SMG Sportplatzmaschinenbau GmbH

  1. Why is SMG now using Augmented Reality (AR) and CLDXR® for sales? 
    "SMG has been setting the standards in our industry for almost half a century. We recognized early on the need for our customers to make more information or details of our machines visible in addition to the usual media. The CLDXR®team made this sales support possible with its SaaS solution, which is now used for our entire machine park."
  2. What measurable benefits has SMG achieved through the CLDXR® solution?  
    "The biggest advantage is that we can provide our customers with a whole new level of detail. Be it through more understandable application examples, more visible details, more precise technical documentation through to „live demonstrations“ or „live maintenance work“ on our machines directly on the respective construction site. The deceptively realistic images of the real world of machines from SMG provide teams of mechanics with digital application scenarios created on the computer, useful information on the details of technical components that need to be repaired. This groundbreaking innovation has already enabled us to save six-figure travel expenses." 

    "With the use of CLDXR® our internal and external communication is now much more transparent, time-saving and convincing. In a word: more successful."