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05 Oct 2022

Versatile Wiedenmann Terra Rake, fast & efficient

Versatile Wiedenmann Terra Rake, fast & efficient
High work speed hero - the Terra Rake
To suit every purpose, the Terra Rake offers four widths – 1.7 m, 2.3 m, 3.5 m and 4.6 m.

A folding frame means two separate same-sized units either 1.7 m or 2.3 m, can be transported together and ‘joined’ when in work mode to create twice as much output, the folding mechanism working hydraulically from the operator’s in cab controls.

Sturdily built, the Terra Rake is meant for heavy duty use. In any of its widths the parallelogram-shaped Terra Rake has a robust steel frame containing closely arranged rows of long verticutting tines. These steel tines are self-vibrating and probe the turf inquisitively, their aggressive action pulling up thatch and depositing it on the surface. Arranged in four rows just 20 mm apart the tines are designed not to clog but are close enough together to offer a very thorough and rigorous action on the ground.  Forward speed is not compromised by widening the machines with all achieving a high work speed of up to 15 km/h, the combination of velocity and vibration produces an optimum material flow leaving rogue grasses and thatch in its wake. Depending on task tine depth can be adjusted via a set of castors.

For the larger versions in particular huge economies of scale can be realised as a single tractor and operator can in effect do double the work or time can be halved for a specific task. Ultimately contractors, estates and course managers are now further empowered when making selection from the range. All four models attach to tractors and power units by 3 pt linkage.  However, Wiedenmann engineers have created a new 1.7 m Terra Rake trailed draw bar option with electric wheels which doesn’t need linkage attachment so is ideal for utility vehicles and similar.

This excellent thatch forager and verticut harrow is often seen working in tandem with other machines.  Combined with the Wiedenmann Whisper twister or Mega Twister blowers, the Terra Rake can expertly manage  debris or windfall , everything from leaves, twigs to hard-to-shift pine needles.  Often it combines with Wiedenmann’s Super 500 or 600 sweeper/mower/collector as the optimal rough management duo. The Terra Rake also has an army of fans who use it to scarify fairways, particularly undulating ones, because it rides over them scarifying rather than scalping as it goes. Other uses include creating and preparing seed channels before overseeding.