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14 Sep 2023

Vision Fulfilled at Hampshire Estate

Price Turfcare Limited - Ventrac Hall: 1 Stand: B124
Vision Fulfilled at Hampshire Estate
The banks of the river Test are mown as part of the aesthetic appeal to anglers
Andrew Day, the Estate Manager at a large property in Hampshire, says his vision for the aesthetic appearance of the estate has been fulfilled with significant help from his two Ventrac all-terrain compact tractors and a comprehensive selection of attachments.

Andrew has been Estate Manager since 2011 and his vision for the estate has resulted in a level of presentation, high in quality and detail, across the entire property.

The estate in question is a large and varied property, set in the rolling hills of the Test valley, with challenging farming ground, renowned fishing on the UK’s pre-eminent chalk stream and some stunning vistas throughout. The main residence was built in 1855 by Thomas Henry Edwards, occupying the site of a previous manor house built around 1810, and features stunning formal lawns, gardens and orchards surrounded by parkland.

“Our local agriculture and groundscare dealer is TH White, with whom we have an excellent working relationship, especially their area manager, Mark Zealander, who has supplied numerous items of equipment over the years. He was aware that I was wanting to enhance the overall appearance of the estate back in 2018/19 and he waved a Ventrac brochure in front of me. To be honest it didn't initially take my fancy or catch my eye, until I gave it a moment and then, more importantly, decided to have a demonstration.

“Mark arranged for the UK distributor, Price Turfcare, to undertake a very comprehensive initial demonstration, which then really got me thinking! The business owner, Rupert Price and his colleague Tony Doe turned up with a selection of attachments and put them through their paces in several different areas across the estate. It proved to be a very successful demo; their ability to fully demonstrate every aspect of each attachment and their ‘slow burn’ sales technique is a subtle process, which resulted in the purchase of two Ventrac units, four Contour mowing decks, a Tough Cut deck, an Edger, a Turbine blower, a Power bucket and an Aera-Vator.

“With this level of investment, we have the versatility and flexibility to tackle a host of estate management tasks in a very effective manner. One machine together with a specialist attachment can be used for taking down scrub in our nursery plantations, maintaining our field boundaries, keeping the riverbank pathways accessible, edging the roadways, blowing leaves and debris and striping up the numerous formal lawned areas. We even have the vibrating Aera-Vator attachment for de-compacting heavily used areas.

“Some are kind enough to comment on the fantastic condition of the estate and our Ventracs play a very important role in this; they have helped me to fulfil the vision I had in mind. They are simply brilliant machines”