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04 Oct 2022

Wiedenmann Super 500, a safety-conscious all-rounder

Wiedenmann Super 500, a safety-conscious all-rounder
Super 500 at John Lyons School
They know by investing in this one machine it can be used for sweeping, leaf collection, verticutting or flail mowing, depending on attachments employed.

In any of its modes it produces a high airflow which ensures collected material is well compacted.

Its high-performance vacuum packs the 2500 litre hopper every time, leaving a professional clean finish. The airflow of the exhaust is driven downwards minimising noise and dust, important if working in noise sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals or residential areas. The multi rib belt drive system also reduces any maintenance work.


It is also exceptionally manoeuvrable with an impressively light footprint, the pneumatic tyres minimising pressure on fine turf areas. The 2.1 metre high dump facility on the CHD model allows for easy tipping into bins and trailers and this also comes as standard on the basic sweeping model. The container lifts via a parallel system, with the hopper rotating allowing the hopper to completely discharge collected material. All service flaps are easily accessed. Working depth can be set easily and quickly from -20 mm right up to 150 mm.


The natural habitat of the Super 500 is park grounds, extensively maintained areas, ecological meadows, sports grounds and golf courses. Indeed it comes into its own anywhere where there is contoured turf. The parallelogram guided sweeper head ensures that implements maintain an optimal working position at all times. This is a key safety advantage as its floating head ensures a clean pass over undulating ground. A dethatching and scarifying unit is available with verticut blades that can be spaced 19mm, 38mm and 57mm centres.