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09 Oct 2023


Greentek Solutions Ltd Hall: 1 Stand: C166
  • Aero-Quick
  • Aero-Quick
  • Aero-Quick
Aero-Quick Aero-Quick Aero-Quick

Grass roots do not grow in soil, but in the air spaces between the soil particles. Compaction from regular play closes up those air spaces till the turf can neither breathe nor drain. Unless you relieve this compaction by regular aeration, the soil becomes stagnant and your turf will die.

The versatile Aero-Quick weighs only 240kg, making it light enough for even a Turf Truckster or 20hp compact tractor to handle. Yet with a full 5’ (1.5m) working width, it will also cover the tracks of most tractors up to 35hp.

A wide range of different attachments is available to suit varying surfaces from golf greens to football pitches, and a built-in weight tray allows you to add further ballast for maximum penetration.