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26 Oct 2023

Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant

Air-Seal Products Hall: 1 Stand: A032
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant
  • Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant
Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant Heavy Duty Tyre Sealant

Our premier tyre sealants are simple to install, safe to use, and are based on advanced technology unmatched by any other source worldwide with proven cost savings for thousands of our customers. One treatment of our product per tyre costs no more than one tyre repair and stops most rim and bead leaks and seals punctures permanently. Up to 95% of punctures can be protected with the capability to seal punctures up to 30mm (1 1/4 inches) with one application lasting the useable life of the tyre and beyond. Our products are based on water washable components with no glues, gums or chemical reaction meaning they are easy to install and quickly removed using cold water. All our tyre sealants have an indefinite shelf life, will not separate and can be re-used.Conventional tyre repairs and re-treading remain unaffected. Why is our technology so successful? It is the combination of the fillers and liquids and the strongest fibres, as used in bullet proof vests, which provide instant protection to the integrity of the tyre. This formula meets the specifications for all types of pneumatic tyres in all working conditions. Added anti-corrosive inhibitors prevent any damage to the rim or tyre. By reducing loss of tyre pressures, fuel costs are lowered and tyre life is increased by up to 20% enabling customers to achieve considerable cost savings and to ensure that downtime is a thing of the past.