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  • LED50
  • LED50
  • LED50

Superior grass growth

The LED50 is featured with the latest LED technology in the field of grass growth lighting. Years of research have resulted in the most effective and efficient light spectrum for high quality grass growth.

Independent control

The LED50 is fitted with SGL LED & Infrared fixtures which can be operated independently of each other, both manual and automatic via the SmartBox. As a result, you only use energy that you actually need at that moment.

Easy operation

A compact and lightweight design. Thanks to that, the LED50 can be deployed by one person within a few minutes. Once the unit is in place, all you have to do is enter the correct settings via the SmartBox and you are ready to go!

Meet next gen lighting

The LED50 uses a built-in sensor, which is connected with the SmartBox, to measure the temperatures on the pitch. When temperatures are high enough for grass growth, the system switches off the infrared heating automatically and only uses LED light. Our state-of-the-art LED fixtures are very durable and the individual control of light and heat will help you to minimize* your energy costs at all times.

* Depending on energy prices, climate conditions and running hours