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14 Sep 2023

Not just any mower, but many mowers

  • Not just any mower, but many mowers
  • Not just any mower, but many mowers
  • Not just any mower, but many mowers
Not just any mower, but many mowers Not just any mower, but many mowers Not just any mower, but many mowers

In the area of sports turf and general grounds maintenance the Ventrac 4520 comes into its own. It has five different mowing decks, all attached with a unique coupling system, enabling the experienced operator to switch between mowing options in less than one minute.

The HP & HM mower Decks utilise a rugged all-steel frame design providing highly efficient grass discharge, moving more grass through the deck tunnel. With the removal of two pins beneath the cross frame, the deck can be easily tilted to a near vertical position for maintenance and storage. The HM decks come as 1.83 metre (72 inch) side discharge with an optional mulching kit available or 1.52 metre (60 inch) rear discharge.

The HP deck is a 1.83 metre (72 inch) side discharge with an offset to the left side of 165 mm (6.5 inches). This aids mowing along ditches, ponds and trimming around obstacles, keeping the tractor on solid ground. The offset also makes for a smaller cutting radius increasing productivity. All HM and HP decks offer full-width rear rollers with large pneumatic front swivel caster tyres to float over the terrain independent of the tractor.

The Contour Mower features a 2.13 metre (83 inch) working width making quick work of any mowing job regardless of the terrain and without sacrificing quality of cut. Three rear discharge decks float independently and follow the contours of the terrain with up to 40 degrees of motion for each side deck. Full length rear rollers facilitate even cutting and striping and the flip-up deck design allows easy maintenance.

The MR740 Triplex Reel Mower is designed to be the ultimate trim and surround mower. With a 1.88 metre (74 inch) width of cut, variable speed hydraulics, standard back lapping valves, and offset capability, the MR740 includes many features to ensure superior, low-maintenance performance. When powered by the all-wheel drive Ventrac 4520 tractor with dual wheels, the MR740 can be operated on hills and slopes up to 30 degrees - allowing the operator to go where no other reel mower can go.

Flail mowers are a perfect choice for any overgrown area, so the new Fine Cut and Fast Cut mowing decks are in a class of their own. With out-front mounted couplings unique to Ventrac, these attachments provide a quality finish on tall or dense areas of vegetation for fast and efficient turf management.

The two available models, Fine Cut (MW series) and Fast Cut (MY series), feature unique knife choices and offer two width options for more versatility of cut, speed, and application. Cutting widths for the decks are 1.42m (56”) and 1.83m (72”) and offer the most versatility for specific property needs.

The final mowing option is the HQ680 Tough Cut deck, specifically designed for mowing high grass, thick weeds and heavy brush. A large baffled front opening helps direct materials into the deck and helps hinder debris from escaping. Three heavy-duty blades counter rotate to cut and deposit waste evenly without windrowing. The blades are sharp on both sides so they can be used on right or left-hand spindles, allowing for extended blade life. Capable of tackling saplings up to 2.54 mm (1 inch) in diameter, the Tough Cut makes short work out of overgrown thickets.

The Tough Cut can be adjusted to three cutting heights: 76 mm, 92 mm and 108 mm. Easy servicing of belts and pulleys is provided by the hinged and removable cover. The tilt-up deck provides easy access to the blades.

While slopes and banks add aesthetics and dimension to any sporting arena, those same slopes can be very dangerous to mow without the right type of equipment. The Ventrac 4500 offers a unique combination of benefits that no other piece of equipment can offer, providing safe solutions to your slope mowing needs on gradients up to 30 degrees.

Not only does the tractor frame articulate, it also pivots in the centre to maintain excellent contact with the ground and better weight distribution. Its compact frame is designed with a low centre of gravity contributing to its slope climbing ability. For increased safety and stability on hillsides, add the optional wheel extensions, which allow operation up to 25° or dual wheels that can tackle 30° slopes.