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Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pump

4SR4-F Borehole Pump c/w Franklin Motor & QEM Control Box

Pedrollo 4SR4-F borehole pumps are suitable for pumping clean water with a sand content of no more than 200 g/m³. 4SR4-F multi-stage borehole pumps are efficient and reliable and as a result are suitable for use in domestic, civil, and industrial applications in particular for the distribution of water in combination with pressure sets, for washing plants, irrigation, and pressure boosting fire sets etc.

PUMP and FRANKLIN motor & QEM Control Box (Single Phase Only)

PUMP and FRANKLIN motor (Three Phase)

The 4SR series pumps should be installed in boreholes of at least 4” (100 mm) in diameter. The pump should be lowered into the borehole, by means of the delivery pipe, to such a depth (min. 50 cm and at least one metres from the bottom) that it is completely immersed during operation when the level of water in the borehole may reduce. It is good practice to secure the pump by attaching a stainless steel cable to the anchorage points present on the delivery body.