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25 Jul 2023

STM SCAG Finish Mowers

STM Co Ltd Hall: 1 Stand: K090
  • STM SCAG Finish Mowers
  • STM SCAG Finish Mowers
  • STM SCAG Finish Mowers
STM SCAG Finish Mowers STM SCAG Finish Mowers STM SCAG Finish Mowers

STM Co now have the SFC 30 and its smaller brother the SFC 21 added to the impressive SCAG mower range. The SCAG Finish Mower is a credit to their principle of listening to the dealers. Interest had been regularly expressed in having a small pedestrian mower to finish off after a large area cut with their other trusted SCAG machines – or just to have a regular-use walk-behind that they knew they could trust to do the job, withstand heavy use and last several seasons. The dealers knew this was the sort of product SCAG would make well by maintaining the quality of design and build that is synonymous with the name.

First off was the SFC 30; a tough machine to sit between a 36” cut mower and a commercial 14”. SCAG made a superb job of the unit, supplying it with several standard features: easy height adjustment, good range of handle angle, internally routed operating cables for snag protection and three cutting options of bag, side discharge or mulch. Swivelling front casters are an additional feature on the best-selling “S” version, as they greatly enhance manoueverability.

Engine options are 5 and 7hp Kohler Command units for the range.

Sales for the 30 have been good, and SCAG have decided to extend the range and introduce the smaller cut SFC 21. No casters available on this model, but the three cut options of bag, mulch or side discharge remain, plus the two engine types.