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08 Aug 2022

Turbo V50

  • Turbo V50
  • Turbo V50
  • Turbo V50
Turbo V50 Turbo V50 Turbo V50

The latest addition to the Gianni Ferrari range is the Turbo V50. Although it maintains some components and concepts of the classic Turbo 1, 2, 4 range, painstaking attention to detail has resulted in a machine with a completely new engine, PTO and driver area.
Two innovative versions: the first with a redesigned platform to increase user space, the second with a cab to improve comfort even in the harshest of climatic conditions.
An attentive response to market demands in the highest power range and a perfect blend of recent and advanced technologies enhance its new look and rugged style.
Its modern and captivating contours offer more driver space and make getting in and out on both sides easier.