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14 Sep 2022

Verdecal (G)

  • Verdecal (G)
  • Verdecal (G)
Verdecal (G) Verdecal (G)


The soil colloid has degrees of affinity for various basic cations. This bonding increases with larger atomic weight, ion size and amount of charge. The percentage saturation for each of the cations will usually be within the following ranges for optimum performance.

Exchangeable cations are those absorbed on the colloid. Water soluble cations are those ionized in the soil solution. CEC is determined by the number of negative sights on the colloids.

Coated with a unique acid

This acid oxidizes the calcium molecules in the Verdecal in order to make it available to the plant and soil. The thCa also oxidizes currently unavailable Ca in the soil, therefore adjusting the CEC even more. The calcium will be available over a longer period of time.

The value of thCa
• Allows you to apply 1/4 the product than typical Gypsum or Limestone products. • Makes Calcium available NOW, not 2 to 3 years from now.
• Goes into the soil to make bound-up, unavailable Calcium available to the plant. 

The formulation of both VerdeCal G and VerdeCal have very high concentrations of readily available calcium. Due to the combination with the thCa and a low dose of a polyol wetting agent the application rate for the Verdecal products is very low compared to conventional calcium products. Conventional calcium products have application rates ranging from 1.000 to 2.000 kg per hectare.

The normal maintenance rate for Verdecal (G) is only 250 kg per hectare. If there is a need to correct the CEC or pH the Verdecal (G) is used at a 500 kg per hectare rate.

The composition of VerdeCal G is 95 % calciumsulfate, regular VerdeCal is 95 % calciumcarbonate. Both formulations also contain a 1 % Aqua-Aid polyol wetting agent. This wetting agent attributes to the high solubility of the product. After application the product needs an irrigation cycle, the Verdecal product will dissolve directly and become available for plant and soil.

Independent research has shown the superior solubility of the Verdecal products in comparison with a regular greens grade calcium product.

VerdeCal G and VerdeCal are available in two granular si- zes, greens grade SGN 85 and coarse grade SGN 185.