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ClearMatic CM1800

  • ClearMatic CM1800
  • ClearMatic CM1800
  • ClearMatic CM1800
ClearMatic CM1800 ClearMatic CM1800 ClearMatic CM1800

ClearMatic CM1800

Mobile plant for the treatment, filtration and sludge dewatering of dirty water when cleaning synthetic sports surfaces.

When cleaning synthetic sports surfaces, a large number of contaminants are released, which can get into the environment via the waste water. These include larger particles such as granulate/fibre abrasions (microplastics) and other undesirable substances from deep-seated soiling. The WashMatic WM800 effectively removes this dirt from nonfilled artificial turf, jogging tracks, multi-purpose playing fields or similar surfaces. The cleaning process is also perfect in terms of the environment, because the waste water from the WM800 cleaning machine goes to the mobile "sister" system ClearMatic CM1800, from where it returns clean and water clear to the closed loop.
The ClearMatic CM1800 is a compact and robust system consisting of 3 tanks with pumps, dosing stations and sophisticated process water control. 


  • 600 liter waste water tank with integrated entry inlet filter (<5 mm) as well as stirring device and optional tubular heating element
  • Storage tank and dosing station for flocculants, optionally cleaning agents, disinfectants, biocides and / or defoamers
  • Mixer unit and reactor for the separation of solids / liquids
  • Belt filter with tear-proof filter fleece (120 μm) including collecting container with float switch for continuous drying of the dirty water and filtration of solids such as granulate/fibre abrasions (microplastics)
  • 300 liter fresh water tank as an additional tank for cleaning the CM1800 or for providing fresh water for operating the WM800
  • 100 liter clear water tank with discharge to the sewer or return to the dirty water tank
  • Dosing and delivery pumps for particle sizes up to 10 mm
  • Sensors for checking turbidity, flow and fill levels
  • Central switch box with display for controlling all pumps, valves, belt filters as well as querying and storing of sensor readings
  • Frame construction, tanks and all pipes and pumps made of stainless steel