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30 Sep 2022

Synergy Outfront Mower

  • Synergy Outfront Mower
  • Synergy Outfront Mower
  • Synergy Outfront Mower
Synergy Outfront Mower Synergy Outfront Mower Synergy Outfront Mower

The MAJOR Synergy out front mower is a high performance replacement to factory fitted mowers that come with John Deere 1400/1500, Kubota F Series, Shibaura, Iseki and other power units. Exceptional cutting and easy maintenance makes the Synergy deck the choice alternative to out front flail mowers.  These machines are ideal for sports grounds, roadsides, schools, parks, golf courses and other fine turf applications.

The three-rotor blade system with a 150mm (6”) overlap, gives precise and even cutting. High blade tip speeds combined with four blades per rotor delivers intense shredding of material with no clumping. From heavy grass swards and uneven terrain to wet and dry lawns, the Synergy deck handles various conditions with ease.

The full width rear roller prevents scalping and leaves a professional striped finish. There are two blade sets to choose from. The fine turf blades with rolled edging for clean cutting are perfect for sports pitches and grounds demanding a pristine presentation. The swivel cross mulching blades are suitable for jobs demanding extra intensity.

Featuring simple cutting height adjustment from 10-110mm and gear-driven rotors, the Synergy is a reliable and low maintenance unit. With fewer wearing parts and no belts to tighten, this mower is the cost-effective solution for your groundscare and landscaping needs. The body is galvanised for the ultimate protection against corrosion, safeguarding your investment.


  • 1.7m and 1.9m cutting widths for high capacity mowing
  • Galvanised finish
  • Adjustable castor wheels
  • Adjustable rear-roller with sealed internal roller bearings
  • Shock-absorbent couplings between gearboxes
  • Choice of blade set; turf blade and twist blade for extra mulch