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Turf Tank One

Turf Tank One is the world’s first field painting robot. Its autonomous design enables turf managers to save time and be more efficient in completing other tasks, all while the robot marks the fields. It is controlled with a smart tablet, which requires just 2 minutes for setup. After a route plan is launched, the robot will drive straight to the starting point and begin painting. Due to advanced GPS technology, the robot can draw precise lines with an accuracy of +/- 0.3” every time. It memorizes all locations from the initial marking, making overmarking 100% accurate. The robot can perform precise line marking on both natural grass and artificial surfaces, for all types of athletic fields, with the option to customize the size according to the user’s needs. Equipped with a low-pressure paint pump and nozzle system, Turf Tank One can reduce paint consumption up to 50%, while completing a field 7x faster than traditional line marking methods.