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Before finalising your participation, please take a moment to review the Learning LIVE T&C's, Media Release Form and Licensing Agreement which is below the form. It outlines important details about your session and how your information will be used.

Additionally, please double-check the information provided in the participation form. This ensures your session is marketed accurately across our website, social media, email channels and the printed showguide.


The terms and conditions can be viewed below the form.


Learning LIVE Terms and Conditions, Media Release Form and Licensing Agreement

Thank you for agreeing to speak and present at SALTEX 2024, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the show.  

By checking the box, you acknowledge and agree that if you make a contribution to SALTEX 2024 (for example only, a session, interviews and participation), that contribution may be recorded and may be published and/or broadcast by SALTEX and/or The GMA (Grounds Management Association) in any media format without liability to you or further approval from you. This could include but is not limited to on-site photography, publication on websites, printed materials and social media channels.  

You assign (including by way of future assignment) to The GMA all of your right, title and interest in and to the intellectual property rights in the contribution and any recording of it, and you waive any right to royalties and all moral rights and agree that the contribution or recording may be edited. You warrant and agree: (a) to speak truthfully and give your honest opinion in your contribution; (b) that your contribution will comply with the law, including but not limited to the law, defamation, contempt of court or confidentiality; and (c) that you own all intellectual property rights in your contribution and are entitled to assign those rights in full to The GMA. You will reimburse The GMA and each of its owners** for any losses, damage, liability, costs (including reasonable legal fees) and expenses they incur arising out of any breach of this agreement.  

If any third party claims or alleges your contribution causes them harm or infringes their rights, you agree to (a) provide assistance, documentation and information to The GMA to defend or otherwise respond to that claim or allegation as requested by The GMA; and (b) if relevant, pay any licence fees necessary to allow The GMA and each of its owners** to continue using the contribution and/or recording. This agreement may be freely assigned or licensed by us and the agreement is governed by English law.  

In order to share your supporting material (for example slides, video clips or images) in your session by agreeing to the below you confirm that:  

  • You own the intellectual property rights in any material you use during session or have the permission to use that material for the session.  
  • You and any other person with rights in that material is happy for The GMA and its owners* to: (a) display that material on screen during your session at SALTEX 2024; (b) record your session, including any material shown in the background; and (c) live stream (or make available for playback or download) your session and any material shown in the background via their websites and social media (by the nature of the internet, anywhere in the world!)  
  • We are not obliged to use your material, although we’ll try to let you know in advance if we are not going to be able to. 

If completing on behalf of any third party, you warrant and represent that you are authorised to bind that third party to this agreement, and you shall make them aware of its terms.